Graphic & Digital

Branding and Visual Identity

Check below some works of Branding and visual identity produced between 2015 and 2019.

Touma Group – Brand (2019)

Project in partnership with João Diegues for Touma Group food industry located in Lebanon. The main inspiration of the project was to bring the local symbols such as the Bulbul bird and the fruitful variety of the region highlighted in the logo.

Central Limit Capital – Rebranding (2018)

Project done in partnership with João Diegues for the company Central Limit Capital with the objective of adapting the original logo and creating an organic visual identity according to the new positioning of the brand.

+ See the full project on Behance

Única Fit! – Rebranding (2016)

Project in partnership with João Diegues during the year 2016.

Hiatos – Entre a Realidade e Imaginação (Conceptual Project) (2015)

Conceptual mark inspired by deconstructivism and chaos theory.

+ See the full project on Behance

Digital Marketing

Production of content and analysis of social media for Gera Brand during 2017 and 2018.

Check below some highlights in this period:

Colégio Duque de Souza

Facebook and Instagram.

+ See the full article on Gera Brand’s website (portuguese)

ABI Frutas

Facebook and Instagram.


Inbound Marketing , Adwords Campaign and Social networks.

Clube de Campo de Sorocaba

Visual identity of events and Social networks (2017)

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